Garçon propulsé dans les airs par grand coussin devant jeu gonflable flottant

Blob jump

Feel the stress rise as you let yourself get launched into the air by our famous Blob Jump! An activity that is reserved for the bravest will challenge you to land in the water without making too much of a splash. On your marks, get set, blast off!

Hauteur maximale 1,37 meters (54 po) and more
Type de glissade Activity on the lake
Nombre de personne limite Two people at a time
Sensation High
Floatation jacket : Mandatory
Water shoes : Refused
Glasses with attachment : Refused
Hat or cap : Refused

Maximum difference of 40 pounds between the two swimmers when they weigh more than 100 pounds. The maximum difference is 20 pounds when one of them weighs less than 100 pounds.

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