Crâne de pirate avec perroquet et jets

The Pirate Island

Let your little ones discover the two slides that surround our friendly turtle Myriam and her friend Mini-Mymy! While your children finish their ride in a small “kiddie pool” located next to our heated wave pool, relax comfortably with your feet in the water and enjoy the sun with them! The whole family will be able to lounge among the starfish and other water friends.

Hauteur maximale 1,06 meters (41 po) and more
Type de glissade Others
Nombre de personne limite One person at a time
Sensation Relax
Floatation jacket : Accepted
Water shoes : Accepted
Glasses with attachment : Accepted
Hat or cap : Accepted

Swim diaper required for toddlers. Maximum height for this attraction: 1.22 meters (48 inches).

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