Update | Covid-19

Opening 2020 : With the arrival of spring, our team is preparing for the 2020 season. This year, COVID-19 has shaken up our daily lives and brought its share of challenges, especially in the tourism industry. We are closely monitoring the situation and awaiting the lifting of the state of health emergency to provide you with more information on the situation. You should know that our team is working on different scenarios and is trying to innovate and implement security measures that will ensure yours and our employee’s safety. Safety has always been our main concerns and it will be even more so in the current context. We invite you to follow us on our Facebook page or to subscribe to our newsletter to find out about all the latest developments.


Take good care of yourself! Thank you for your support and understanding!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at 450-473-1013 or by email at

What is the dress code?

Swimsuit – adult : Swimsuits are mandatory on our park. However, swimsuits that are too revealing are forbidden. It is also forbidden to wear cut jeans as a swimsuit. In addition, t-shirts, shorts, skirts or dresses can not be used in attractions and bathing areas.


Burkinis : Burkinis are accepted on the park. On the other hand, burkinis must be adjusted and in one piece (from head to toes). No sail will be accepted in the installations. 


Wetsuit combinations: Combinations are accepted in our installations. However, they must be equipped with a device that covers the zipper.


Water shirt: Only shirts specifically designed for swimming are permitted in our facilities. The sweaters must be adjusted to the body. Cotton shirts are forbidden for safety and sanitary reasons. 


Swimsuit – Kids: Swimsuits for children with integrated floats are accepted in the waterslides and tube slides. Aquatic diapers are accepted in the basins. However, ordinary diapers are forbidden.


Floats for children: Individual Flotation Apparel is reserved for the «Château», the «pataugeoire» and the tubes. It is forbidden to wear individual flotation apparel in the waterslides. Swim-aids, “floating balloons”, hippopotamus belt or others are forbidden in the pools. Only inflatable flotation apparel approved by the Ministère des Transports du Canada and the Ministère des Pêches et des Océans are accepted.

Explanation: some objects are dangerous in the context of a waterpark. Water currents stop children from returning to the water’s edge. The majority of these floating aids do not protect from the immersion of the head and offer parents false security and vigilance.


Glasses: Glasses are accepted. However, they must be securely fastened with an adjustable cord. 


Water shoes: Water shoes and sandals well attached to the feet are only accepted in slips with tubes.


Jewelry: We recommend that you remove any jewelry when you visit the Super Aqua Club.


* Please take note that we are not responsible for lost or stolen items and that our team reserves the right to ban any clothing that does not comply with park rules.

What are the prohibited objects on the park?

Please note that for security reasons, we reserve the right to refuse:

Alcoholic drinks. (These will be confiscated at the entrance and it will not be possible to recover them when you leave)


Glass containers. (Just like alcohol, glass containers will be confiscated at the entrance and it will not be possible to collect them when you leave)


Animals. (With the exception of guide dogs)


Personal barbecues.


Floats, tubes and other inflatable objects.



Weather - What happens if it rains before or during the day?

If it rains before opening

The decision to open or close the park is made very early in the morning. Our decision depends on the current weather conditions as well as the forecast of the day. If the weather is uncertain, we would suggest you to call us at 450-473-1013 before coming to our park. When the decision to close the park is made, it is impossible for us to overturn our decision, even if the weather conditions changes during the day.


If it rains during the day

Usually, rain will not affect our normal park operations. However, in case of thunderstorm, our installations will close temporarily until the storm passes. If the weather conditions fail to improve, the Super Aqua Club reserve the right to stop operating all slides and pools for security reasons. If weather conditions seem uncertain, please consult the local weather forecast or call in before coming to the park.

Our weather guarantee: If, during operation, the Super Aqua Club is forced to close its facilities for the day because of storms or other conditions (do not forget that your safety remains our top priority), each customer who has purchased an entry for the day will be given a new ticket to return once, for free!

To lear more about our weather warranty, clic here.

Heated water : are all pools heated?

No. Our water is not heated, except for the wave pool.

Lockers: do you have lockers?

Yes. We have daily rentals of lockers with individual key locks  ($5, $7 or $10 (depending on locker size)). Be aware that a $10 deposit will be required for the daily locker rentals.

Food: Am I allowed to bring my own food on the park?

Yes. You can bring your own food. However, for security reasons, you may not bring any glass containers and/or BBQs. All glass containers will be confiscated and BBQs refused.

Restaurant : is there any restaurants on the park?

Yes. We have many restaurants offering a variety of fast food meal options as well as beaver tails, sandwiches/salad and chicken shish taouk. You will also be able to find two ice cream parlors and a bar on our site.

Parking : is it free?

  • Standard parking: Free
  • VIP parking : 20$

Public transportation : How can I get to the Super Aqua Club?


  • Orange line Montmorency Station
  • Bus 8 – Direction Saint-Eustache
  • Bus 81 – Direction Pointe-Calumet


  • Central Station – Direction Deux-Montagnes
  • Bus 81 – Direction Pointe-Calumet

What are your payment options?

Anywhere on our park, we accept :

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Interac
  • Cash
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