Terms and conditions of sale

Conditions of sale


Our team is pleased to welcome you this summer and is committed to put in place many measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 to ensure yours’ and our employees’ safety. I acknowledge that I have read and understood all of the measures and procedures put in place by the company to reduce and control the risk of Covid-19. I understand that these are mandatory and that I must comply with them.

I also understand that in order to protect the health, safety and physical integrity of its customers and employees, the company must ensure that the measures in place are applied and that an intervention might happen in the event of a conflict.

*These conditions are additional to those presented on the ticket.

*Note that a piece of identification (ID) may be requested at any time to validate the accuracy of the orders.

1. Private beaches

  • The prices of the private beaches may vary depending on the periods of high and low season.
  • One day rental only.
  • Private beach reservations are non-refundable, non-exchangeable and notre redeemable.
  • The cost of a private beach does not include the price of the general admission tickets. The customer agrees to buy his ticket on site or on the website.
  • If you are unable to be there at the chosen date, reservations may be transferred. It is your responsibility to notify the Super Aqua Club (2019) Inc. at least 48 hours in advance. No transfer will be accepted in the event that no warning has been made.
  • If the park must close its door due to poor weather conditions, private beach bookings will be transferable at a later date.
  • The Super Aqua Club (2019) Inc. reserves the right to refuse a transfer if no beach is available.
  • Reservations must be made at least 48 hours in advance. The Super Aqua Club (2019) Inc. reserves the right to refuse a reservation if it has not been made 48 hours in advance.
  • The private beaches can only welcome a limited number of people. No additional people will be tolerated.
  • Only the people wearing the VIP bracelet are allowed in the private beach area.
  • Present your reservation coupon to the administrative offices. The responsible for the private beaches will tell you the location of your beach.


2. Daily lockers

  • No refunds or exchanges will be accepted if the coupon is not used.
  • The locker coupon has no cash value.
  • One day rental only.
  • For security purposes, it is strictly forbidden to keep the following items inside the lockers:
    • All objects or products that are flammable, corrosive, dangerous or toxic.
    • Drugs, alcohol and all other substances prohibited at the S.A.C
  • The administration of the Super Aqua Club (2019) Inc. reserves the right to check the lockers if they suspect that it contains articles that could be dangerous for the safety of the costumers and/or staff.


3. Gift cards

  • The gift card is valid until the balance is reached.
  • In case of theft or loss, the gift card is not refundable or replaceable.
  • The gift card is not redeemable, so the gift card can not be redeemed for cash.
  • The gift card is redeemable for general admission tickets, season passes, food, rentals or private beach reservations.
  • The purchase of gift cards is subject to the terms and conditions of purchase of daily tickets.
  • A difference will be charged if the value of your gift card is not enough to cover your entire purchase. This balance may be paid by another method of payment.



4. Cancellation/Refund policy for subscriptions and daily tickets: 

Season passes are neither refundable, transferable nor redeemable. Tickets are also neither refundable nor redeemable. These products are valid exclusively for the season for which they were purchased. They can not be transferred to the next season without valid reason.


5.1 Season pass transfer:
The season pass is transferable in case of medical reasons preventing the subscriber to any water activities. The subscriber has the possibility to transfer his subscription for the next summer or to a third person, in this case there will be no refund of the difference of the amount if the holder transfers his pass to a person who is not in the same age category. Please note that a transfer to a third party incurs fees of $10.00. The subscriber has the responsibility to include a medical certificate confirming the date and the nature of the injury as well as the stopping time recommending by the doctor. It is the subscriber responsibility to make a request.

5.2 How to do a request?
The customer must notify Super Aqua Club (2019) Inc. customer service in writing to request the transfer of their subscription:

  • Indicate first and last name, subscription category, email, birth date and explain the reason for the request to transfer. The medical evidence must be provided with the application, within 15 days of the date of the incident, otherwise no transfer will be granted.
  • Send the request by email at or by mail at the following address:

ATT Super Aqua Club (2019) Inc. Customer Service, 322 Montée de la Baie, Pointe-Calumet, J0N 1G2.

5.3 Daily Ticket Transfer

The visit date indicated on your daily ticket can be transferred up to 48 hours before your visit. Certain conditions apply to transfers:

  • Availability of daily tickets. If our capacity is reached on the desired date, we reserve the right to refuse your request.
  • Possibility to change the date only once.

Otherwise, the daily ticket must be used between the dates indicated on it. In case of transfer of the daily ticket to a third person of a different category whose price is lower, no refund of the difference of the amount will be made. If the daily ticket is transferred to a person of a category whose price is higher, it is possible to pay the difference and use it.
Transfers are subject to the acceptance and approval of Super Aqua Club (2019) Inc. and the we reserve the right to change this policy at any time.

6. Refund 
In accordance with our terms of use, Super Aqua Club (2019) Inc. does not offer neither refund nor exchange for daily tickets purchased on the Super Aqua Club online store. In addition, purchased season tickets and season passes are subject to additional administration fees. Note that these fees are non-refundable. To the extent that a refund is offered, the Super Aqua Club (2019) Inc. agrees to refund only the product’s price, excluding any additional charges that has been applied to the transaction.
Before buying your tickets and/or seasonal subscriptions, we recommend that you check your personal informations, contact details and the type of product chosen.
Please note that in case of rain or thunderstorms, depending on the traffic, the functionality of the equipment (break, power failure, etc.), the Super Aqua Club (2019) Inc. reserves the right to change the opening hours without notice, following which no refund and/or compensation will be issued.

7. Site Operation Policy 
Note that no refund and/or compensation will be issued if the park closed earlier, whatsoever the nature of closure is.
The customer has the responsibility to consult the weather forecast before coming to the Super Aqua Club (2019) Inc. Please note that the management team reserves the right to change the park’s opening hours without notice.
Also, when the Super Aqua Club’s management team decides to close the park before starting the operations, this decision is irrevocable.

8. Weather
Rain and/or thunderstorms
In case of rain and/or thunderstorms, the equipment will temporarily close until the storm has passed. To the extent that weather conditions do not improve, Super Aqua Club (2019) Inc. reserves the right to terminate all operations as a security measure.

9. Closing
The decision to close the park is taken before 7:30 am the same morning, the information is transmitted on our various information platforms (website, Facebook page, voice mail, etc.). The customer is responsible to verify our platforms (website, Facebook page, voice mail, etc.) from 7:30 am the park’s opening hours. The Super Aqua Club (2019) Inc. is in no way responsible if a customer comes to the park and it is closed.

10. Traffic 
Equipment alternation
In case of low traffic on the Super Aqua Club site, the management team reserves the right to operate its slide alternately. All attractions will be open at a certain time during opening hours.

The management team reserves the right to close the park earlier if traffic is low.

11. Equipment operation
In case of equipment breakdown, the management team reserves the right to close the equipment for an indefinite period. In case of a power failure, the Super Aqua Club (2019) Inc. is in no way responsible and will not offer any refunds and/or compensation and reserves the right to close the whole park for an indefinite period.

12. Policy in case of loss of season pass or daily tickets
The season pass card remains the property of Super Aqua Club (2019) Inc. in case of loss, the subscriber will have to pay a 25.00$ fee in order to have a new card. This amount is not refundable, even if the original card is found. In case of loss of a daily ticket, the administration is able to reprint your ticket and/or return your tickets by email. Since 2016, Super Aqua Club’s members have to keep their season pass from year to year in order to adopt a “green’’ behavior.

13. Payment policy
Online: Super Aqua Club (2019) Inc. accepts MasterCard and Visa credit cards to purchase tickets or season pass online. We do not accept debit cards, temporary use cards (prepaid) and Paypal account.
Regular entrance: Super Aqua Club (2019) Inc. accepts MasterCard, Visa, debit card and cash.
The customer is responsible to pay all applicable taxes related to the purchase of its products. If you have any questions regarding the previous information, please contact us by phone at (450)-473-1013 or by email:

14. Liability Policy 
The use of our facilities includes certain inherent risks and dangers as well as regulations and safety instructions. By purchasing a seasonal pass or a daily ticket, the customer agrees to assume full responsibility for damages of any kind. In case of non-compliance to the regulations, Super Aqua Club’s management team reserves the right to prohibit access to equipment until expulsion. In these situations, no refund and/or compensation will be issued.

The Super Aqua Club (2019) Inc. reserves the right to revise the terms and conditions of purchase at any time. The new conditions come into effect as soon as they are posted online.

Last updated: 2019-05-21

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