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Weather Guarantee Policy

Our goal is to offer our clients the chance to enjoy our installations without having to worry about the park closing early due to unfortunate weather. In order to meet this goal, Super Aqua Club now offers a ’Weather Guarantee’’ policy to all its clients.

It’s simple: in the event that Super Aqua Club must close the park during operating hours due to a storm or other weather conditions (your safety remains our number one priority), clients who have purchased a daily ticket will receive a complimentary rain-check that will allow them to come back any other day.

As for the days when the weather is colder, our newly heated wave pool will allow you to enjoy your stay and make your vacation at Super Aqua Club memorable!



Measures and Conditions

  1. Keep your receipt (paper or electronic) and the bracelet (must remain intact) which will be given to you at your arrival at the park, as these will serve as the proof of purchase needed to benefit from the Weather Guarantee. If your bracelet is teared or is not on your wrist anymore, it will be considered invalid.
  2. The price of tickets at Super Aqua Club vary depending on your height and hour of arrival. In the event that the park must close its installations, the free ticket you will receive for a future visit will be equivalent to the price or time span you have paid for:
    • If you purchased a ticket for a full day, the ticket you will receive will be for a full day as well.
    • If you purchased a ticket for the afternoon, the ticket you will receive will be for an afternoon visit as well. Your complimentary ticket will only allow you to enter the park at 2 pm, with no additional fees.
    • If you purchased a ticket for the evening, the ticket you will receive will be for an evening visit as well. Your complimentary ticket will only allow you to enter the park at 4pm, with no additional fees.To learn more about our rates and schedule:
  3. The Weather Guarantee does not apply to season passes.
  4. The Weather Guarantee is only applicable when Super Aqua Club must close its installations, during operating hours, for the rest of the day. This new policy was devised to allow our clients that purchased a ticket but lost part of their day due to bad weather, to come back and fully take advantage of their time with us.

    Therefore, the Weather Guarantee does not apply when:

    • A temporary closure of the installations occurs due to a momentary storm. Clients are free to leave if they wish to, but they will not benefit from the Weather Guarantee, as the park will remain open and the operations will resume once the storm has passed.
    • The closure of Super Aqua Club is announced before the doors even open. In the eventuality that the park remains closed because of weather conditions, Super Aqua Club commits to make this decision public at 7:30 am the same morning. In these situations, numerous actions are undertaken very rapidly to communicate this decision to our clients via our website and all our social media platforms.

      In order to be certain that our installations will be operational on the day of your visit, we strongly recommend that you consult our website as of 7:30, before you travel to Super Aqua Club.
    • A closure of the installations occurs within 60 minutes before the regular closing time of the park.
  5. Super Aqua Club reserves the right to close the park prematurely in the event of a low-traffic day. Under these circumstances, the Weather Guarantee will still apply to any client that wants to come back to the park for another visit.
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