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Super Aqua Club is a big family of young enthusiasts who love to have fun while being professional. Together, we innovate and collaborate to create memorable moments for thousands of families every summer!

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Why work for us?

Every summer, we welcome more than 300 employees to our team. We are a big family that likes to have fun, but above all we like to help each other, share our knowledge and above all find new ideas to innovate and surprise our customers. We put the human experience, learning opportunities and fun at the heart of our concerns. Moreover, the Super Aqua Club is a proud finalist for the “Innovative HR Practices” award given annually by the Alliance de l’industrie touristique du Québec!

So, are you interested? Join us this summer and have a memorable summer!

Our jobs

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  • Water safety
  • Landscaping and site maintenance
  • Customer Service
  • Technical Services
  • Restaurant – Cashier (job description will be added very soon)
  • Restaurant – Cook (job description will be added soon)
  • Restaurant – Waiter/Bar
  • Animation
  • Internship in marketing – media creation
  • Accounting internship

If you’re still not sure about the ideal job for you, contact us by email or by phone to find out more.

Not convinced yet?

Summer… what if we thought about what it means? Summer is all about fun, sun, friends and the beach. Sometimes a summer job, while necessary for many, limits access to these memorable facets of the warm, sunny season. What if we gave you the best of both worlds? What if we offered you a job that was fun, sunny, full of friends and where you could rub your feet in the warm sand? You read that right! At Super Aqua Club, the beach is your office.

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