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For a safe visit, we invite you to read our rules and regulations.

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Dress code

It is mandatory to wear a decent and safe bathing suit to enjoy our aquatic facilities. All clothing other than swimwear or suitable suits are prohibited (example: jeans, cotton sweaters).

  • Water shirts must be tight fitting to prevent them from going up near your face.
  • The hood or bonnet of a burkini covering the neck and under the chin must be integrated or attached to the tunic.
  • Wetsuits must fit snug  around the body. Please ensure that your wetsuit has a zipper cover.
  • Eyeglasses or sunglasses must be attached with a neck strap at attractions that allow them. See our attraction-specific fact sheets for more information.
  • Water shoes are allowed on the tube and carpet slides, but not on the body slides.
  • Sandals are permitted on site, but must be removed at the start of each ride. Sandal racks have been installed at the entrance of some water features to prevent crowding at the attraction entrences.
  • Hats and caps are not permitted on the attractions. Exceptions are made for the lazy river, wave pool, beach and children’s slides for children 1.22 metres (48 inches) and under.
  • Waterproof diapers are mandatory for toddlers.

Not sure if your swimwear is appropriate? Do not hesitate to contact us at 450-473-1013 or drop by the information desk at the central plaza for an approval.

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Objects forbidden on site

All glass containers, shishas, personal BBQs, alcohol, alcoholic beverages, pets*, drugs, cannabis and inflatable objects are prohibited.


*With the exception of service dogs

Personal Flotation Device (PFD)

We encourage you to bring a PFD for your younger children. Please note that we accept the following PFDs:

  • Canadian Department of Transportation and/or Department of Fisheries and Oceans approved vests
  • Swim belts with armbands

Floatation balls, hippo belts and swim aids are not permitted.

It is also possible to borrow a PFD at the rental desk, located at the beach, for a $50 deposit. Limited quantity.

Accessibility to the facilities and the park

Accessibility to attractions varies according to size. For example, a person shorter than the minimum height required for a ride will not be able to ride.

Please note that children 13 years of age and under must be accompanied by an adult on site.

Prohibition of feeding gulls

We ask you not to feed or chase the gulls. The excrements secreted by them affect the water quality of our ponds and the lake.

*We reserve the right to expel any client who does not respect the rules and regulations of the park.

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