All-in-one wristband, all-inclusive experience !

The Super Aqua Club keeps innovating and offers the most connected experience, with its smart bracelet system.

Main avec bracelet bleu devant piscine à vagues

An experience that reflects you

Super Aqua Club is constantly innovating and offering the most connected experience with its smart wristband system. This technology offers you an experience fully tailored to you, as well as a multitude of advantages! With your all-in-one wristband, you can : 

  1. Access the site without contact
  2. Create souvenir videos in the  Tornado
  3. Capture memorable photos of your day
  4. Pay at various areas of sale on the site by adding credit to your bracelet.

Cashless payment for peace of mind

Tired of going back and forth to your locker to get your wallet? Add dollars to your wristband and have peace of mind while purchasing at our various on-site locations. You can add dollars to your wristband at our online box office at the time of purchase. You can also obtain credit at our information desk in the central plaza.

Have credit left on your wristband at the end of the day? Stop by our customer service desk at the end of the day and we’ll be happy to give you the remaining balance on your credit card.

Main qui porte un bracelet RFIFD orange qui tient un tube

Super Aqua Club credit

Super Aqua Club credits 2022 can be used at our various sale areas (store, restaurant, bar) during the 2022 season only. These credits are non-refundable, non-transferable and non-redeemable.

Warning! You are filmed

The connected wristband also allows you to create memorable moments with your loved ones. Put on your best smile as you descend the Tornado and live sensational experiences

Super Aqua Club Sceau