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Our Commitment

Every summer, we welcome more than 300 employees to our different teams. We’re professional, but we like to have fun! We treat every employee and every customer as a member of our family. We like to help each other, share our knowledge and especially find new ideas to innovate and surprise our visitors. We are all committed to creating memorable moments through a connected entertainment experience that goes beyond the attractions. 


Our Advantages

By joining our team, you will have unlimited access to the water park all summer long. We even offer free daily tickets and discounted tickets to come and slide with your friends and family. It’s also a unique opportunity to participate in a variety of social activities, contests and friendly competitions to allow you to create even stronger bonds with other students like you.

Above all, it’s an incredible opportunity to work outside in a vacation atmosphere and the chance to develop your interpersonal skills and forge your personality!

Be part of a fun, welcoming, committed and audacious team


Being part of the lifeguard team at the Super Aqua Club means participating in dynamic daily workouts to improve your lifesaving techniques, refine your lifeguarding principles and maintain your physical condition. It is also an opportunity to interact with our clients and supervise aquatic equipment by ensuring the respect of regulations, providing assistance and attentive care when required. Whether as an operator, assistant lifeguard or lifeguard, this team collaborates and ensures the implementation of a safe swimming area for all our clients.
Particularity / requirement :
– Minimum Bronze Medallion certification.

Landscaping and maintenance

Being part of the landscaping and maintenance team means performing a variety of tasks in order to keep our site clean and tidy. In other words, you may be required to maintain the lawn, remove weeds, plant and water flowers. You may also perform maintenance tasks such as cleaning and disinfecting equipment and premises. You may also ensure that parking lots are properly organized and that visitors are safe. As a parking lot attendant, landscaper, or maintenance worker, this team works together to keep outdoor grounds and buildings clean and safe.


Customer Experience

Being part of this team is a unique opportunity to interact with our many customers and make a positive contribution to their day. In other words, it means welcoming them and providing them with essential information to help them spend an unforgettable day at our water park. It also means listening to them so that we can better answer their questions, suggest personalized products or services to enhance their experience or provide them with attentive assistance when they encounter challenges. Whether it is at the ticket office, reception, information, administration, boutique, lockers or other locations on the site, this department ensures that we offer courteous and attentive service to our clientele.

Technical Services

Being part of the technical services team means making sure the mechanical equipment and attractions are in good condition. In general, you will be responsible for general repairs and preventive maintenance. It also means that you will ensure the quality and cleanliness of the water in the pools and ponds in accordance with the regulations. You will also be inclined to collaborate on various projects. Whether as a water quality technician, mechanical systems technician or maintenance and repair technician, this team works together to ensure the proper operation and safety of equipment and facilities.


Being part of the animation team means welcoming and interacting with our many visitors. It means animating activities such as games of skill or friendly competitions. It also means dancing, dressing up and mobilizing people to participate in the activities in large numbers. As an animator, you will have the unique opportunity to let your creativity express itself and to use your talents as an animator to offer magical moments to our clients.


Management team

Being part of the team of supervisors at the Super Aqua Club is a unique opportunity to develop your interpersonal and team management skills. In other words, it means transmitting your passion by your actions, sharing certain work methods and techniques to allow your team to be more efficient. It also means listening, encouraging and motivating your team to reach the Super Aqua Club’s objectives. Whether it’s within the Water Safety, Facilities and Maintenance, Restauration or Customer Experience team, the team of supervisors ensures that policies, procedures and regulations are followed in a culture of learning and caring.

Internship Program

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Restaurant Services

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