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Like all-inclusive resorts, Super Aqua Club offers a variety of activities for the whole family, parents and toddlers alike. Enjoy our 45 attractions and water slides for young and old and rediscover the pleasure of swimming, jumping, relaxing and experiencing colorful emotions. The Super Aqua Club is the perfect place to unplug, laugh and let loose.

Famille glissant dans la Tornade, une grande glissade bleue

Frequently asked questions about attractions

Is the water heated?

Only the wave pool and the Zephyr River are heated. 

Do I need to bring my own flotation device or can I rent one?

Floatation jackets are available for loan free of charge at the information desk, with identification as a deposit. 

 We would like to mention that the available flotation jackets are in limited supply and we encourage clients to bring their own, as long as they meet Transport Canada and/or Canadian Coast Guard standards.  

Flotation devices such as noodles, flotation devices inside a wetsuit, inflatables, water wings and sailboards are not permitted. 

Are Go-Pro's allowed in the park?

Go-Pro’s are allowed in some slides. These must be strapped to the chest for safety reasons.  Please refer to each attraction’s regulations for further details.

What is appropriate attire for the park?

It is mandatory to wear a decent and safe bathing suit to enjoy our aquatic facilities. All clothing other than swimwear or suitable suits are prohibited (example: jeans, cotton sweaters). 

  • Water shirts must be tight fitting to prevent them from going up near your face. 
  • The hood or bonnet of a burkini covering the neck and under the chin must be integrated or attached to the tunic. 
  • Wetsuits must fit snug  around the body. Please ensure that your wetsuit has a zipper cover. 
  • Eyeglasses or sunglasses must be attached with a neck strap at attractions that allow them. See our attraction-specific fact sheets for more information. 
  • Water shoes are allowed on the tube and carpet slides, but not on the body slides. 
  • Sandals are permitted on site, but must be removed at the start of each ride. Sandal racks have been installed at the entrance of some water features to prevent crowding at the attraction entrences. 
  • Hats and caps are not permitted on the attractions. Exceptions are made for the lazy river, wave pool, beach and children’s slides for children 1.22 metres (48 inches) and under. 
  • Waterproof diapers are mandatory for toddlers. 

Not sure if your swimwear is appropriate? Do not hesitate to contact us at 450-473-1013 or drop by the information desk at the central plaza for an approval. 

Are there weight limits for the slides?

For safety, there are indeed weight limits for some of our attractions.   

Here are the weight limits for each of the slides concerned:  

Sonora: 250 lbs (One person per boat)   

Mistral: 300 lbs (One person per boat)   

Tsunami: 400 lbs (up to three people per boat)  

Tornado: 700 lbs (up to four people per boat)  

Sirrocco: 700 lbs (up to four people per boat)  

Typhoon: 700 lbs (up to four people per boat) 

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