Dragon devant bassin d'eau avec animaux flottants

The Castle

Discover the magical world of our enchanted castle and enjoy its playground with your little ones. At the Castle, wonderful activities are offered for your children! Come and meet our dragon in its magic pool; don’t worry, he only spits water, not flames! After this unusual meeting, head to the castle doors where your child can enjoy a pleasant canoe ride. To end the experience, there’s nothing better than a thrilling carpet ride near Kingdom Hill. Wondrous fun guaranteed!

Hauteur maximale 1,22 meters (48 po) and less
Type de glissade Others
Nombre de personne limite One person at a time
Sensation Relax
Floatation jacket : Accepted
Water shoes : Accepted
Glasses with attachment : Accepted
Hat or cap : Accepted

Swim diaper required for toddlers. Maximum height for this attraction: 1.22 meters (48 inches). View all regulations here.

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