Looking for a dream summer job? Look no further than getting a lifeguard gig at Super Aqua Club in Pointe-Calumet to enjoy an incredible summer filled with challenges and rewarding experiences and days filled with outdoor fun!

Working as a lifeguard is definitely an ideal job for anyone who hates monotony. No kidding: the sheer number of varied situations you encounter every day takes you out of your comfort zone, expands your horizons and makes you healthier and fitter.


It’s also a great way to develop qualities that will serve you well on the job market, like punctuality, maturity, and a sense of responsibility, and to hone your communication, mutual support and team work skills. Working with 100 other people certainly teaches you how to become part of a team, take initiative, and come to the aid of teammates whose motto is “All for one and one for all!” Of course, you won’t just get to ply your communication and collaboration skills with your co-workers: this job also allow you to you engage with thousands of visitors every year. There’s a real sense of trust that develops between lifeguards and visitors. Your role will be to keep visitors safe and to be there for them when they need assistance. And nothing is more rewarding than helping people who are counting on you!


Need more convincing? Super Aqua Club Lifeguard Supervisor, Virginie P., suggests that “If you like having a lot of responsibility and strive to continually do better at your job, then being a lifeguard is the perfect summer job for you!” Your supervisors will certainly have your back.  With their recommendations, you will be able to keep improving and excelling. In a nutshell, being a lifeguard is a golden opportunity to become an even more mature, well-rounded and self-sufficient person.


Are you in? In order to qualify for a lifeguard position at Super Aqua Club, you have to successfully complete the “Bronze Medallion” course. If you’re interested in supervising pools throughout the water park, you have to successfully complete the following courses offered by the Lifesaving Society:


  1. Bronze Star
  2. Bronze Medallion
  3. Bronze Cross
  4. Standard First Aid/AED
  5. National Lifeguard – Pool


Need one more reason to join our lifeguard team? Consider this: you get to spend the whole summer outside, having fun in the sun with other young people of your age. What more could you want?

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