Come celebrate your birthday at the waterslides

What better way to celebrate a birthday than at a water park packed with thrilling attractions ? Come celebrate at Super Aqua Club and discover a world of possibilities.

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Fête enfants avec plusieurs enfants et un gâteau
Petite fille qui colore une nappe

The SuperAquaParty

The SuperAquaParty offers everything for a simple and successful birthday party for you and your guests.

  • Two picnic tables reserved on site
  • Balloons and themed decorations of your choice
  • A layered cake, signed Super Aqua Club
  • An electronic invitation template to send to your guests
  • A BiMoo drawing table cloth

*General admission tickets are not included in this package. They must be purchased separately.

*This package is valid for 6 to 8 people.

Starting at : 75 $

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Personalize your party for even more fun!

Choose from one of our unique thematic events that include 30-minute interactive activities. Dancing, singing and costumes will be on the agenda! Thanks to CrioFun’s energetic hosts, your child will never forget their birthday at Super Aqua Club for a long time. *Places are limited. Available according to the availability of CrioFun.

Maximum number of guests: 8

Price : 175$

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Icône d'une couronne de princesse

Royal package

The Royal package whisks your child to a majestic universe where they get to experience a magical moment accompanied by a real prince or princess. The day then ends with the crowning of the birthday boy or girl.

Icône d'un super-héro

Heroic package

Our heroic package invites your child to test their super powers! Through various challenges, your child will have the chance to showcase their strengths through various games and trials.

Icône de sirène

Mermaid package

Our Mermaid Package transports your child to an aquatic universe filled with magic! This package offers them a chance to swim like a real mermaid among ocean animals.

Icône d'une carte au trésor

Great explorer package

Our Great Explorers package transports your child into the colorful world of a curious explorer. They will be invited to participate in a beach adventure worthy of real explorers. Your child will also experience a coronation worthy of the greatest tribal chieftains!

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